The Pomsky — a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian — is
often referred to as a “designer dog breed.” This relatively new breed
tends to be of the fluffy, cuddly variety, but there’s a lot of
variation in these dogs, as well. Here’s what you need to know about
this newcomer breed.

Physical Characteristics

When you cross a Pomeranian with a Siberian Husky, you can imagine some
of the variations that might occur. In general, small Pomsky’s tend to
weigh around 15 pounds when fully grown, although they could be 10 to 15
pounds larger than that estimate.

Personality and Temperament

The Pomsky tends to be good natured and playful, gentle with kids and very lively. They are quick to learn and love to play, and tend to be quiet pups.

Pomsky’s are very smart and require regular play to avoid becoming bored. Bored Pomskys have been known to act up by chewing. Note that the Pomsky sheds a lot, and their thick coats require extensive grooming. Pomsky’s are also diggers by nature, and may require training so as to not dig up your entire backyard.


The Pomsky’s generally small size makes this breed the perfect companion for someone living in an apartment all the way up to a larger home.

A Pomsky requires daily expercise and stimulation to avoid boredom, as well as weekly — if not daily — grooming.


Since the breed is so new, not much is known about any common Pomsky
health conditions. Keep in mind, though, that as is common with most
mixed breeds, any hereditary health conditions that show up in either
the Pomerian (such as cataracts or skin problems) or the Husky (like eye

problems) may show up in your Pomsky, as well.


As it stands, the Pomsky has a very short history, having only been bred
within the past couple of years. Breeding is of particular importance
when it comes to these dogs, since it’s essential to take size into
consideration for their birth. In general, a breeder should always use
the Husky as the dam, since physical and health complications could
endanger the mother and puppies if a smaller Pomeranian were to be bred
to carry puppies sired by a larger male Husky.

50/50: The 50/50 is the most common variety of the Pomsky. This Pomsky is obtained by breeding a pure Pomeranian and a pure Siberian Husky and hence it is 50 percent Pomeranian and 50 percent Husky. In most photographs, it is this variety that is seen. The 50/50 Pomsky has characteristic Husky features along with the small physique of the Pomeranian.
25/75: The 25/72 Pomsky is a mix between a 50/50 Pomsky and a pure Pomeranian. This means that it is 25 percent Husky and 75 percent Pomeranian. This variety is usually smaller in stature than the 50/50 Pomsky and has more Pomeranian features.
75/25: The 75/25 Pomsky is a cross between a 50/50 Pomsky and a pure Siberian Husky, which means that it is 25 percent Pomeranian and 75 percent Husky. This variety of the Pomsky is slightly smaller than the female Siberian Husky and will look and act like a Husky. This is an uncommon breed that is not easily available for sale. This type of Pomsky is only bred by breeders for the purpose of future breeding.

Pomskies come in a variety of colors like the huskies do.

Here are a few pictures!!